What is the Integritas Project?

One might say...

The Integritas Project is an innovative branding campaign contributing to the character development of our nation's future Navy and Marine Corps leaders who attend the United States Naval Academy.

Or that the Integritas Project is a community of people who, over the course of  years of dedication, have united around an idea, devoted their time, energy and resources to insure the success of the endeavor and been inspired by their participation. 

USNA Night

USNA Night

Or The Integritas Project is a platform to engage the very principles that have guided U.S. Naval leaders since the birth of our Navy and Marine Corps: honor, courage and commitment.

However, the Integritas Project is bigger than any of that.

At its heart, The Integritas Project is about a question... a question that includes you.

By visiting this site and asking "What is the Integritas Project?", you are already engaged, however unaware, in an idea, if followed, can inexorably lead you to ask about personal honor in your life, about how your choices can affect both you and the world around you.

The Integritas Project begins with the Midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy, but this project belongs to all who deeply desire to live lives of integrity and honor.

If you are intrigued, this is our beginning.

"One acquires honor by continually acting in an honorable way." Aristotle

Join us.

The following video gives a brief overview of the Integritas Project

Filming On the Severn River

Filming On the Severn River


What makes The Integritas Project unique?

There are many aspects that make this project unique and fascinating. Just a few of the key ones are:

  • Where most branding campaigns are designed to use their considerable powers of psychological persuasion to sell products like cars or clothes, The Integritas Project is simply selling the power of an idea: honorable choice.

  • The vast majority of the considerable financial support required to execute the extensive filming and develop the branding designs were the product of generous private donations from individuals from the USNA graduating Class of 1964. Additionally, beyond this generous funding, this project is also the result of the collective volunteer efforts of literally hundreds and hundreds of people who during the many years in its making, stood up and gave of their time, effort and resources to make it possible. For instance nearly every person appearing in these spots from all across the nation, did so voluntarily, with no expectation of financial remuneration. They gave because once they understood what the project was, they were inspired and believed. This gives this project a unique standing. It was born, given life and nurtured by faith.

  • The US Naval Academy in Annapolis, as one of our nation’s elite military academies is an ideal crucible in which to foster the branding of an idea and to chart its effect over time.