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Image from "Something More"

Image from "Something More"

There are a total of thirteen completed Integritas spots live on this site for your viewing enjoyment.

The Integritas branding films are designed to build on each other sequentially, like chapters in a book. In fact, they have been labeled as chapters in their titles. They are also planned as part of a cross platform marketing strategy of which this web site only plays a part. Each is designed like a time capsule to have its integrated premiere during specific, strategically timed events occurring at the Naval Academy.

The Film Breakdowns

The first three spots, Something More, Can I be More? and Remember are what is known as teaser spots for the campaign, designed to both speak to incoming Plebes and perspective future plebes about the seminal decision making that helped lead them to the Academy, as well as remind upperclassmen and even alumni of their original motivations in setting a course to become Navy or Marine Corps leaders.  The next seven spots—the gymnastics, boxing, crew, football, friendship and freedom spots—form the heart of the branding campaign. Our ninth spot, Faces of America, premiered at the Naval Academy 2014 commencement ceremonies and is on display for your viewing pleasure, with all of the other spots, under the films tab.