You might say it is a project devoted to the character development of four thousand present and future leaders, the young men and women enrolled at the United States Naval Academy.

You might say the Integritas Project is a community of people dedicated to an idea and an effort, that has, over the course of five years, touched the lives of hundreds who have devoted time, energy and financial support to making it possible. You might say it is a project engaging a triumvirate of principles that have guided US Naval character development since its inception; honor, courage and commitment.However, The Integritas Project is bigger than any of that.

At heart it is about a dream...a dream that includes you.

By visiting this site, by asking "What is the Integritas Project?", you are already engaged, however unaware, in a question that if followed, can inexorably lead you to ask about personal honor in your life, about how your choices can affect both you and the world around you.

The Integritas Project begins with the Midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy but it is a dream that belongs to all who inquire about personal integrity.