Would you like to help the United States Naval Academy's graduating Class of 1964 in their generous sponsorship of the Integritas Project? Your contribution to this worthy endeavor will not only further the ethical development of our future officers, but it also is tax deductible.

Naval and Marine officers are often our nation's ambassadors to the world, representing the best of what we hold America to be. Your donation through the Naval Academy Foundation website is not only safe and  secure, you can feel proud in the in the knowledge that you have helped send a message not only to young officers but to the world itself that honor matters to our country. 

Making your tax deductible donation is easy! At the bottom of this page you will find a link to the Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation giving site.

When you click on it it will bring up the following window:

Where is says Class Year chose 1964 from the scroll down menu.


That will bring up the '64 CEL Integritas Support line. Put in a dollar amount and fill in your donor information and clickContinue

From there you will be offered secure choices on how to make your pledge by credit card.

Thank you for your generous contribution

Visit the Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation to make your donation.