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Chapter I   "Something More"

Chapter I "Something More"

The first spot in our series, "Something More",  is designed to remind all of us of a younger, more innocent, perhaps more purely motivated time in our lives. It is for those who chose service over security and selflessness over selfishness, who at some point were looking for something that went beyond the commonplace and the mundane. They were looking for something more...

Chapter II   "Can I Be More?"

Chapter II "Can I Be More?"

One of the hallmarks of those who chose a career path in the military is their dedication of service to the nation–supporting and defending the nation’s foundational values contained in our Constitution. In this spot, entitled "Can I Be More?," we follow the continuing search begun in "Something More" of our young perspective plebes, but this time on a journey which takes them beyond the conventional narrow and self-serving viewpoint of youth.

Chapter III   "Remember"

Chapter III "Remember"

If the previous two spots were designed to remind midshipmen of their earliest aspirations that drew them to military service, "Remember" is about the unique place of the Naval Academy among the service Academies—a lens into the Naval Academy’s traditions and values, as well as the memories it honors and the honor it ingrains in our memories.

Chapter X   "Faces of America"

Chapter X "Faces of America"

It is vitally important that our future officers see their choices in a greater context. Their actions are perceived as the actions of a nation. Our spot, entitled "Faces of America", reminds us all we are not alone in our choices, that "the thousand eyes" of a nation are at our backs.