The first spot in our series, "Something More",  is designed to remind all of us of a younger, more innocent, perhaps more purely motivated time in our lives.  Sometimes, when we encounter disappointments and bumps in the road of life,  we can become jaded, even forgetful of deep convictions which formed our early choice points. Remembering the power of those early, as yet untested faiths can serve as a mindful call to who we truly are and the ideals we must continue to renew and live by.

Those who at one point chose service over security and selflessness over selfishness were looking for something that went beyond the commonplace and mundane. They were searching for something more...

Patrick Finnegan Designer/Director,

What about you?

When you chose the Naval Academy, were you inspired by a sense that your choice meant being a part of something bigger than yourself with the opportunity to make a meaningful contribution?

Were you searching for a way of life that required honor and sacrifice?

Were you looking for something more?

Looking back at that time in your life, is there something you remember about your own youthful ideals and aspirations that could inform your life today? How has your pursuit of “something more” as a young person impacted your thoughts, attitudes, and actions over the years?


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