From the initial glimpse of 1/C midshipmen in their gleaming Summer Whites to climbing the stairs to Memorial Hall and gazing upon the names in the case below “Don’t Give Up the Ship”, to morning colors in Tecumseh Court, the sights and sounds of of the US Naval Academy form a lasting impression on all who experience it.

At one point or another, even the most accomplished graduate paused early in their tenure at the Academy and wondered if he or she would be equal to the challenge; wondering if they too would one day be counted as a member of the long Blue and Gold line.

If the previous two spots were designed to remind midshipmen of their earliest aspirations that drew them to military service, "Remember" is about the unique place of the Naval Academy among the service Academies—a lens into the Naval Academy’s traditions and values, as well as the memories it honors and the honor it ingrains in our memories.

Patrick Finnegan Designer/Director,

What About You?

Do you remember the first time you ever visited the United States Naval Academy? What feelings did you experience? Were you anxious about whether you would live up to its high expectations and illustrious heritage? As you came to realize what it really means to be part of an historic institution, did that affect your own perspective on being a member of its time honored ranks?

How do you reflect in your daily living on the traditions and principles entrusted to you when the Academy welcomed you to its ranks? The Naval Academy charges it members to comport themselves to a higher standard. There are no excuses for ignoring its creeds, only the choice to do so.

To be a graduate of the Naval Academy means more than simple being an alumnus of a college. It asks you to be a living example and "remember" both who you are and from where you came.

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