The choices and ethical standards of a lone individual can be perceived as reflecting the choices of our entire country. For this reason, it is vitally important that our future officers see their choices in a greater context. Their actions are perceived as the actions of a nation.

Our spot, entitled "Faces of America", reminds us all we are not alone in our choices, that "the thousand eyes" of a nation are at our backs, that an entire land and peoples count on us to reflect the best in the human spirit of our nation to the greater world.

Patrick Finnegan Designer/Director,

What About You?

The influence of our homeland’s values are invaluable in helping us make the right choices in life. The pillars of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the heroic acts of great men and women who have come before who have fought for our nation's highest values, all serve as reminders that we answer not only to ourselves in the choices we make, but also to the community and world around us.

  • In tough times of choice, have you ever thought of your home, your family, your community, your nation and been reminded of their expectations of honor, courage and commitment?
  • What experiences or stories can you tell of moments of decision, when you realized you were not alone?
  • Has remembering the values of the nation you serve instructed you in your personal and professional choices?  
  • Have you found that you want to live up to a higher standard because of beliefs informed by the ideals of this country you care about?
  • When you thought you stood most alone, what made you realize you fought in the company of others?

What follows are just a few samples of the kinds of stories and images we will share with midshipmen from the filming of this remarkable spot in hopes of reminding them that they are not alone, that "the eyes of a nation" are at their backs.

Behind the scenes of 'Faces of America':

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