The almost hallowed tradition of Navy Football is one that excites and stirs any who wear the blue and gold. It is a place where teamwork means everything and we learn that the many share in both the defeats and the victories of the few.

By the time Ricky Dobbs graduated from the Naval Academy, he had broken a number of NCAA scoring records and led his team to successful seasons to include victories over Army and bowl game appearances.

While this accomplishment is remarkable, Ricky's personal story is even more compelling. Raised by a single mother who was addicted to crack cocaine, Ricky's chances to excel in life were miniscule. A caring and devoted uncle took Ricky under his wing and taught him about honor, respect and leadership, setting Ricky on a path toward achievement, integrity and service.

Ricky is not a hero. He is a very real, devout and dedicated human being. It is in his very humanness and his desire to be more that we find the inspiration for our piece, entitled "Become a Man.”