In this spot, entitled "Can I Be More?," we follow the continuing search begun in "Something More" of our young prospective plebes, but this time on a journey which takes them beyond the conventional narrow and self-serving viewpoint of youth.

This spot is meant to remind us that our freedoms of today were won by the extraordinary sacrifices, unwavering dedication and unrelenting commitment of those who have come before us. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants. At the National Memorials in our nation's capital, we see this truth etched in marble and stone.

How can we stand among such reminders of our national heritage without asking the question of our own responsibility to uphold the freedoms we enjoy every day?  Is it enough to just admire those who have come before us or do we perceive the need to live exemplary lives and inspire others to do the same?

Patrick Finnegan Designer/Director,

"Character is easier kept than recovered."

What about you?

Who in history has influenced your approach to life and leadership? What naval leaders have inspired you to ask more of yourself? Is there someone in your life who provides a very visible example of honor and ethical conduct? What could you do every day to remind yourself of these role models and enable their memory to impact your actions and attitudes?


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