By Patrick Finnegan,

Director, Integritas Project

 I felt strongly I needed images for the project which portrayed the words "from sea to shining sea", particularly in the Faces of America spot. That drew me to the Maine coast, with its iconic lighthouses, lobster boats and brilliant light. My wife and I headed north to the coastal world of lobster pots, boatman and the life of the sea.

You can learn a lot from a fisherman.

On a ship, you have to develop "sea legs." Like in martial arts, you learn never to plant your weight as if your state of balance is guaranteed, but walk with knees slightly bent ever vigilant and compensating for what you know to be a potentially unpredictable surface beneath you.

The honorable men and women I have met in my life remind me of seamen, but instead of the instinctive wariness they have for the uncertainties of the sea, they are instead ever vigilant against the unpredictability of their own natures. 

Honor is not a state we achieve, as much as a relationship we cultivate, one of constant attentiveness.

To follow The Way of Life, the true man proceeds warily as a wayfarer on an icy winter stream.
— Lao Tsu