Welcome to the Integritas Project


Welcome to the Integritas Project


What does this mean to you?

To those involved in the Integritas Project, those three words describe everything we want to accomplish. Across America and the World, we are constantly assailed with stories and images of those who don’t care about doing it right. We see leaders who care more about personal image or power than honor and integrity. We see the same cycles repeated over and over, and we have failed to stand up and say “enough”, until now.

The Integritas Project was designed to change the way we think and act. To us, it is not enough to simply become. The how is just as important.


“How will my actions affect others?”

“How can I accomplish this task, and yet still keep my integrity intact?”

“How can I become the best I can be?”


 These are questions that we want everyone to ask themselves, every moment of every hour of every day. We want to inspire people of integrity to rise to the heights of their achievement and lead the nation and the world with honor. We want to inspire you.

…And we want you to do it right.

The Integritas Story

The Integritas Project was conceived and birthed at one of the premier institutions for leadership development, the United States Naval Academy. The Naval Academy exists to develop its students, known as Midshipmen, mentally, physically, and especially morally. While physical and mental challenges abound for a midshipman at the United States Naval Academy; the most critical challenges these future officers will encounter are the ethical leadership choices which have the potential to not only reflect a midshipman’s personal sense of honor and integrity, but indeed can symbolize the honor and choice of an entire nation. Taking inspiration from this unique course of education, the Integritas Project seeks to reach and inspire all who believe in the value of ethical leadership.

Image from "Something More"

Image from "Something More"

The Integritas Project began with a simple challenge.

What if we took the power of modern film making combined with the interpersonal connection provided by the internet, and applied it to enhance the Naval Academy’s ethical leadership development program and highlight an idea central to the principled core of human existence: that a life guided by honor not only feels right but is, in fact, ennobling not only for one’s self, but one’s family, community, nation and indeed for the world. 

After the initial focus on the above, we quickly realized that the Integritas Project is much more than a component of an academic program. The importance of honor and integrity is not only evident to a small group of students, but individuals around the world who want to "do it right".  As a result of this realization, the Integritas Project expanded its scope, and we hope to reach those across the nation and the world who share this passion.

If you would like to learn more about the design of The Integritas Project, read our story.


The Films

In keeping with the origins of the Project at the United States Naval Academy, The Integritas journey starts with a series of films that are focused around elements familiar to Midshipmen life. 

Image from "Isn't Enough"

Image from "Isn't Enough"

One spot with perhaps the most universal appeal, ‘Faces of America’, had its world premiere at the 2014 United States Naval Academy commencement ceremony, signaling the official launch of The Integritas Project.

Three other films, “Something More”, “Can I Be More” and “Remember” are also live on this site for your viewing enjoyment. Targeting incoming plebes and young people who are considering the Naval Academy for their future, these teaser spots not only form the beginning of the designs but also are created to “tease” the audience with anticipation and a sense of mystery of the heart of the project yet to come.

The future of the Integritas Project is grounded in these origins, but is shaped with regard to our growing community. Inspiration comes from many sources, and we seek to capture the full spectrum of experiences and stories to spark the same value that we have for the lessons of the Integritas Project in others.


The Integritas Community

The Integritas Project goes beyond content and design. It is both a community for those from all walks of life to contribute and share their personal stories about honor, ethics and integrity.

The Integritas Community connects those who wish to contribute to the project. If you have a story about honorable choice and doing the right thing in your life, we welcome you to share it here in hopes your story might inspire those who visit this site. 

Just the Beginning

The Integritas Project is intended to be a journey into the power of an idea. While this idea is a guiding principle in the character development at one of our nation’s elite military academies, it is a principle critical to all peoples in all walks of life: personal and national honor.

This is just the beginning.

Join us.